Kilmallie & Lochaber face off in the Ferguson Transport & Shipping Balliemore Cup Final this Saturday at Spean Bridge.

Read the below stats to get you warmed up for the big fixture!

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Kilmallie are scoring an average of 3.36 goals per game and conceding an average of 1.92 goals per game.

Lochaber are scoring an average of 2.93 goals per game and conceding an average of 2.06 goals per game – the recent 5-0 defeat to Fort William accounting for over 15% of the goals they have conceded.

First half blitz

The stats show that Kilmallie are at their most dangerous between 15-45 minutes, this third of the game accounts for 45% of goals scored by Kilmallie. The first 15 minutes of each half are the slowest period for the Caol side.

Foot off the gas?

Given their strong statistics in the first half, it is perhaps the case that Kilmallie can become a little complacent in the 15 minutes immediately after half-time - they have conceded 33% of their goals during this 15 minute period.

Battle to the end

The stats show that Lochaber are most dangerous in the final 30 minutes of games, this is consistent with a number of clubs across shinty as teams push for equalisers/winners. What may worry Lochaber is that the period that Kilmallie are most vulnerable to conceding is their worst goal scoring period.

Progressively more open?

The stats show that Lochaber incrementally increase the number of goals they concede throughout each half. This means they are most vulnerable in the final 15 minutes of each half.

Master marksman MacDougall

Calum MacDougall is Kilmallie's top scorer in all competitions this season having edged ahead of Lewis Birrell. Officially, Calum scored all 5 goals in the semi-final win over Bute, although we have heard there is an internal enquiry as to whether that was the case!

Ben Delaney hits mountainous heights

Delaney's incredible 21 goal tally is second only to Craig Morrison (27) in 1st team shinty this season. Finlay MacDonald and Duncan Mackinnon make up the podium for Lochaber.

Youth or experience?

Kilmallie have a slightly younger average age than their Spean based counterparts, but what will prove more valuable on the day, youth or experience?

Kilmallie Road to the Final

1-3 vs Fort William

3-1 vs Col Glen
5-1 vs Bute

Lochaber Road to the Final

2-1 vs Inverness

3-5 vs Oban Celtic
3-1 vs Inveraray

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