3 key priorities to restart shinty

Rory Kennedy (Newtonmore) holds off pressure from Shane Nolan (Kerry) at the 2019 Mowi Shinty/Hurling International

Camanachd Association sets out 3 key priorities for the year

The Camanachd Association is delighted to be able to present our key priorities for the next 12 months. These priorities are not as detailed as our strategic plan – which delivers on multiple fronts – however, they will act as a guide for all that we do as we move into 2021 and beyond the pandemic.


  • PRIORITY 1 – Restart Shinty – COVID guidance is updated regularly and we aim to ensure that we support all clubs understanding new guidance and upskilling club committees and coaches to provide safe environments to protect our sport and our members in line with government guidance.
  • PRIORITY 2 – Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion for all – Restarting shinty with a focus on inclusion and removing barriers to participation. Providing opportunities for the whole community is what has placed Shinty clubs at the heart of their communities and it will play a central role in restarting our sport.
  • PRIORITY 3 – Safe and well organised clubs – Successfully restarting shinty will depend on clubs providing a safe, well organised and fun environment for people to take part in our historic game. We will work to support committees to provide leadership and organisation in line with best practice and aligned to their understanding of local member and community needs.

You can find further details of this in this supporting document.

With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine well underway the Camanachd Association is excited by the prospect of 2021 and we look forward to working with our members, clubs, partners and sponsors to deliver the best year possible.

Steven MacKenzie, Camanachd Association President said:

“Re-starting out sport is our number one priority moving into 2021. The Camanachd Association has laid the groundwork with many of our clubs, so that we are ready to return to training in a safe manner, as soon as conditions allow. Shinty is an essential part of the health and culture of our communities and we eagerly wait for a safe return to the excitement and warmth that it offers us all.”

Derek Keir, Camanachd Association CEO said:

The priorities that have been laid out in this plan are essential for a safe return to our sport that meets the needs of our communities. Shinty clubs play an integral role at the heart of many towns and villages, so our plan is focused on enhancing that status, engaging the wider community and supporting clubs returning to participation.

We are faced with an incredible opportunity post lockdown to engage and provide opportunities locally that bring people together in a safe way in line with guidance. Our priority is to restart shinty when it is safe to do so and also, to do this with opportunities for all in line with best practice and government guidance. Our clubs have support from our regional development team to develop COVID readiness and progress plans for the restarting of our game. In delivering against the above priorities, we will deliver vital opportunities locally for young people and older people to get involved in our iconic sport.”

 None of this would be possible without the support we receive from our friends at Mowi Scotland