Beauly Shinty Club today unveiled a pitchside banner for mental health charity Mikeysline at their home pitch, Braeview Park. The development came after the club was in receipt of a donation from Croyard Road Surgery for opening up their clubhouse and grounds to NHS Workers who were administering COVID-19 Vaccines to the local community.

Dr Jaffery from Croyard Road Surgery stated: “Your generosity provided us with: warmth, hot water, toilets and shelter during some of the bitterly cold days at Braeview. Without the club’s assistance we would have been a lot slower vaccinating the elderly and at risk members of the community.”

Despite the club’s reservations about accepting such a donation from the Surgery, it seemed sensible that this money was put to good use in furthering the club’s social responsibility to the health and wellbeing of the community. Therefore, Mikeysline were approached to investigate the possibility of getting a pitch side banner for the local mental health charity, the offer of which was graciously accepted.

Speaking of the development, Beauly Shinty Club President, David Calder said:

“This banner is a small but hopefully significant way that the club can support a charity that does so much vital work throughout the Highlands. The shinty club has already joined the Camanachd Association’s Shinty Chaplaincy scheme and our Chaplain Gordon Martin is available to listen to our members and offer pastoral advice. We are proud of the steps we have taken to combat mental health issues and will continue to work with partners and charities wherever possible.”