Comann Camanachd Bhoth Fhleasgainn

Boleskine Camanachd is a shinty club from Loch Ness-side, Scotland. The club in its present form has existed as such since 1953 however, it has been in existence in one form or another for over 100 years. Initially called Stratherrick, the team played at various venues throughout the Stratherrick area, a glen which lies barely two miles to the south of the village of Foyers, running parallel with The Great Glen.



2 Sutherland Cups

1 Strathdearn Cup

Stratherrick had been a member of the senior ranks in shinty since 1920, but without making a sustained impact on the game at national level and for a first few years of the twenties had also fielded a successful junior team. Foyers had also contested in both the senior and junior ranks, competing in the Camanachd Cup for five years since 1921 and the MacTavish Cup since 1920. Their junior side had been successful in the Strathdearn cup and the feeling locally was that a combination of the best players from each club, would be hard to match at any level of shinty! The resulting team was called Boleskine.


Graham Black