The Camanachd Association today announced that they have hired two employees to bolster the development team.

Alison Thompson has been hired to the role of Regional Development Officer (East) which includes clubs from Aberdeen to Ardnamurchan and through shinty strongholds in Badenoch and Lochaber. The post will focus on supporting clubs in the return to shinty, on creating new opportunities to engage the wider community and to support the continued effort to provide organised and high-quality experiences in shinty.

In addition to this, Roddy Young has also been hired to the permanent role Regional Development Officer (Central) with focus on supporting the existing clubs in the central belt and crucially – creating new opportunities for communities to experience Scotland’s community sport, shinty.

The two new additions take the total number of staff at the Camanachd Association to 9.

Alison Thompson

“I am very excited to be starting this role with the CA, after being sports therapist for the men's team in their games against Ireland in 2018 and 2019 I can't wait to help out clubs in the east region. I look forward to working with the clubs, players and volunteers along with the CA and other organisations to help promote and develop shinty.”

Roddy Young

“Having worked with the Camanachd Association for the last 5 months I have had a real taste of what it is like to foster and develop the sport in new communities and I love it. I am delighted to be now taking up a permanent role at the Camanachd Association and to be working as part of such a dedicated team.”

Derek Keir

“The Camanachd Association are absolutely delighted to complete this round of recruitment which will return our organisation to a full staff team for the first time this season. Alison and Roddy competed with some excellent candidates for the roles and we are delighted to welcome them both to the Camanachd Association. Shinty is a vibrant part of our national culture and recognised as Scotland’s community sport however to sustain this position we rely heavily on people with a drive and passion to move the sport forward in every community. This was abundantly evident during the recruitment process with Alison and Roddy and their respective enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding of development will play a key role in ensuring that our sport, our heritage and our values enrich the experience in shinty for the people in our clubs and communities. Our thanks to our partners and to the National Agency of Sport, sportscotland for their continued support of shinty.”