Charles Simpson from Keith is a fervent supporter of Keith Football Club (for his sins), nothing remarkable there you might think. Well, he is also a Kingussie Camanachd fan of 30 years and Doric poet who has penned two poems to celebrate their Grand Slam success in 2022. He has since written a further two poems about season 2023, which you can read in full below:




I hid a Dream the ither nicht

An’ they say thit Dreams cam’ true

Thit Kingussie hid beaten Skye

Michty! – Fit a tae do!


‘Twiz fer the MacTavish Cup

In the Final thit they played

At the Bught Park, Inverness

A tough game – it hiz tae be said


Wi’ the Grand Slam in Twinty Twinty Two

The standard hid been set

Nae pressure on new manager “Corky”

Wiz he up fer it? – You bet!!


Tho’ he wizna the only newbie

There wiz a new Captain o’ the team

Kingussie through an’ through

James Falconer wiz livin’ the dream


Noo, abiddy is oot tae beat ye

Fin you are tap o’ the pile

Fower trophies won last ‘eer

Hidna lost a Final fer a file


They went at it haimmer an’ tongs

In the affa bilin’ heat

Wizna very easy – the graiss wiz lang

Neether team wintit tae be beat


Kings began tae press an’ press

A goal they wid surely get

Seen, Reid an’ Blue fans were cheerin’

James hid the ba’ in the back o’ the Skye net


Ach, the cheerin’ wiz gey shortlived

The goal wiz chalkit aff

Appairently it wiz fer affside

‘Gussie diehards didna laff


Ah – bit the Captain widna be denied

Ruaridh’s corner cam’ ower fae the richt

An’ James, weel, he let fly

Man, fit a bonny sicht!


It wiz tough – an’ it wiz hard

Bit the michty Kings widna be beat

The hale team stuck tae it’s guns

An’ didna wilt in the bilin’ heat


The ref, he blew his peeper – “Time Up”!

Sparkin’ scenes o’ jubilation

The MacTavish Cup wiz comin’ back hame

Tae the same Dell Destination


Bob Mcgregor wiz Man o’ the Match

A great goalie fer a’ tae see

Tae wind up a great day for the Winners





Anither season hiz cam’ an’ gone

A terrific tale tae tell

Aboot shinty’s Number One team

The Michty Kingussie fae The Dell


It wiz a hard act tae folley

The Grand Slam o’ Twinty Twinty Two

Abiddy’s oot tae beat ye

They’re a’ tryin’ tae turn the screw


Ah – bit Iain “Corky” Borthwick

Wiz the new boy in the hot seat

Helpit bi new captain James Falconer

Kings widna be easy tae beat


So.. back in Mairch o’Twinty Three

We hid the first throw up

An’ games cam’ thick an’ faist

First Trophy won? – The MacTavish Cup


Lined up agin’ the men fae Skye

James wiz Captain Victorious

Leadin’  bi example

Won the Cup wi’ a goal sae glorious


Noo.. ye micht think it wiz a cakewauk

Bit a constant battle wiz focht

Twa pints teen aff fer nae phonin’ the ref

“That’ll fix ‘em” abiddy thocht


Time wint on, an’  games were hard

Speshully wi’ Roddy bein’ oot

Bit the boys a’ stuck thegither

Their famous spirit nivir in doot


Oh, sae close tae keepin’

The Macaulay Cup eence again

Bit Oban Camanachd spiled the pairty

Odd goal in three – man, fit a pain


It wiz an affa disappintment

Tho’ ”Corky’s “ Boys nae doon fer lang

Mair trophies up fer grabs

Let’s get back on sang


Within a month it wiz smiles again

Camanachd Cup Final, the occasion

An absolute belter fae Ruaridh Anderson

Big cheers fae those o’ reid an’ blue persuasion


The bit wiz atween the teeth

Cwid the boys owercome the fatigue?

You bet!  Wiz the answer

Fin they retained the Mowi Premier League


Three Titles in a ra’

Fit a tremendous feat

Makkin’ a Trophy Treble for Twinty Three

Fer the fans a fantastic treat


Then twa stalwarts decided

Tae hing up the Caman – ca’ it a day

“Hutch” an’ Fraser wi’ piles o’ medals

Incredible careers – fit else kin ye say


So, there ye hiv it, shinty fowk

Anither remarkable ‘eer

Three oot o’ fower’s nae bad

Tae Kingussie Camanachd – a hefty cheer!