Together with SAMH, the Scottish Disability Sport Young Start team have designed a series of workshops: “Disability, Mental Health and Me”.

Designed by young people with disabilities for young people (16+), we are excited to offer these to participants for free. We have a number of online workshops throughout May:

13th May (6:30pm – 8pm): 

Disability, Mental Well-being and Me

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20th May (6:30pm – 8pm):

Disability, Identity and Me

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27th May (6:30pm – 8pm) 

Disability, Wellbeing and Me

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You can see some information about each workshop below.

Disability, Mental Well-being and Me: 

This online workshop allows you to explore what mental health and well-being is, what is means to you and how it impacts you as well as the world around you.

After you attend this workshop, you will have an enhanced understanding of your own mental well-being and be able to positively impact your personal mental health.

Disability, Identity and Me: 

What does having a disability mean to you?

This identity session is to help people with disabilities explore and grow their identity and self-acceptance to enable them to celebrate their differences. This workshop will help participants to have a better understanding of barriers and opportunities that having a disability can hold and empower young people to engage in many different possibilities.

Disability, Self-Care and Me 

This online self-care workshop allows you to discover what self-care means to you and how to use it to support your mental health.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to understand what a self-care plan is and now to create one which will help you maintain a positive mindset.