Comann Camanachd Shasainn

The English Shinty Association was founded in 2013 by three ex-University Shinty players with a passion for reviving the game in England. The three players in question, Matt Mossop, Graham Love and Alan MacDonald, had already founded/revived teams in their respective areas, Cornwall, London and Northallerton.

Since its inception, the English Shinty Association has grown rapidly to now have established clubs in London, Cornwall, Devon, Oxford and Bristol. These clubs have welcomed both former players who have recently moved away from shinty heartlands, as well as those who have never tried the sport before.

Our teams contain players from a range of ages or abilities. We have a mixed team and a women’s team. We run our own English Shinty League with matches throughout the year as well as numerous tournaments and compete in the Bullough Cup and Women’s Challenge Cup.

There is a strong social aspect within the club with numerous events throughout the year to support the expansion of shinty within England.

If you are interested in taking part or coming along to support us, please get in touch.


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