Please refer to the updated Return to Shinty Tiered Guidance and the subsequent support documents for further information.

Sample Resources



Non-contact practices with physical distancing:

Foundation 1-9

Foundation 10-16

CA Level 1: 1-11

CA Level 1: 12-22

CA Level 1 & 2: Tactical


  • Information from Mycro regarding hygiene guidelines for Helmets/Faceguards.
  • No sharing of Helmets/Faceguards within sessions and they should be cleaned after each session.
  • Cleaning with Anti-Bacterial sprays and wipes. Mycro use Flash Spray which dries quickly. (Other similar brands are available!)
  • Mycro have been advised that the virus is not able to live beyond 72 hours.

The purpose of the Guidance for Shinty Clubs is to provide a framework of support for our member clubs and associations to interpret Scottish Government Guidance on Coronavirus in relation to our sport. The most important aspect of our route map for shinty is that it is designed to complement the Scottish Government Routemap and also that our first focus is on preparation of our clubs during this phase to ensure we take a careful, gradual and incremental approach to the challenges we face.

If you have any questions about the above guidance or would like support to work through the club readiness checklist please contact your Regional Development Officer.

Regional Development Manager (East)   E:   T: 07718630563

Regional Development Officer (North)  E:  T: 07834522260

Regional Development Officer (Central)  E:   T: 07921210179

Regional Development Officer (West)   E:   T: 07912731295

Please be assured that we will be working hard and acting in the best interests of our sport, our Clubs and our Members. With your support and our continued commitment to follow government guidance I am sure we will come through this more connected than ever. If you have any questions or suggestions during these uncertain times please as ever do get in touch.

One of the main priorities of the Camanachd Association is to help enhance and improve the Health and Wellbeing of not only our members, but the wider community too. This page will signpost you to some of the work and initiatives that we have in place in order to support our clubs and individuals.

Shinty Chaplaincy

Shinty Chaplaincy is an initiative that was first piloted with Kyles Athletic, the project exists to help combat mental health issues.

Current Clubs:

BEAULY: Gordon Martin
CABERFEIDH: Alec Stewart
GLENURQUHART Male: Sean Ankers
GLENURQUHART Female: Gin Ankers
INVERARY: Ryan Taylor
KYLES ATHLETIC: David Mitchell
LOVAT: Stephen Allison
SKYE Male: Donnie MacDonald
SKYE Female: Rebecca Langlands
SKYE Junior: Gary Wilson

Health & Wellbeing – Videos & Sample Documents

In order to support clubs with developing positive health & wellbeing messages you can follow this link to find some videos discussing health, as well as some sample documents that may be of use to your club.

Scottish National Screening Programmes

Screening is a vital part of staying healthy and ensuring that you catch problems before they become serious. You can find more information about this here.

Health & Wellbeing Ambassadors

The Camanachd Association is looking at appoint Health & Wellbeing Ambassadors at each club. These ambassadors would sign post individuals to the appropriate support when needed.

Scottish Sport Concussion Guidelines

Helmets became mandatory in the adult game at the 2020 CA AGM. Please click here for the full details of the Scottish Sport Concussion Guidelines.

Sport is widely recognised as a fantastic activity for children and young people, with far reaching benefits not just in health. The Camanachd Associations values of Respect, Responsibility, Community, and Continuous Improvement apply across all areas of the sport, from first shinty through to our international teams. We all have a responsibility to look after young people in shinty and their wellbeing and safety is at the centre of everything we do. The Camanachd Association aim is to work with our partners to ensure that everyone who is involved in the sport has a positive experience and goes on to achieve their full potential both within the game and in life. Below you will find a number of resources to support your club dealing with any concerns.

Safeguarding in Sport resources


A Free Helpline, Email and Web-Chat Service, For Anyone Concerned About a Child. Use the Parentline Service to Get Free Advice on a Range of Parenting Topics. Advice For Carers. Get Involved.If you need us, we’re here. Whatever it is that affects your family, you can talk it over with us. We are here for you at the end of the phone or you can webchat, send an email or text. Call 08000 28 22 33 free and our trained call takers will listen and give you the time and space to talk things through. Parentline are open 7 days a week

  • Monday to Friday, from 9am-9pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, from 9am-12noon


Safeguarding in Sport has produced a number of free resources to equip people with the tools to ensure children and young people stay safe and have fun in sport. These resources are for coaches, volunteers, child protection officers – anyone who provides sport to children and young people.

What to ask? A parent’s guide to finding a safe sports club for your child

This guide outlines 10 questions parents can ask of any sports club so they can familiarise themselves with child protection processes, assuage any anxieties and have confidence their child will be safe and enjoy the positive benefits of sport.

Club guidance: Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport

A collection of good practice guidelines and templates that your club can use to help promote children’s wellbeing and keep them safe in sport.

Standards for Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport – Sharing Ideas and Good Practice

We are delighted to bring you a series of reports to celebrate and share ideas about the work that sports clubs and governing bodies of sport in Scotland are doing to safeguard and promote children’s wellbeing in sport.

This first report is about Standard 4: Giving Children a Say – how sport involves children and young people in decisions that affect them.
If you would like the child wellbeing and protection work you are doing to be shared in our next report, please email us at

Social Media guidelines for sports coaches, volunteers and athletes

We encourage sports organisations and athletes to use social media but to ensure that they do so responsibly. These guidelines to keep you safe online are designed to provide helpful, practical advice to individuals within sport.


Safeguarding in Sport e-bulletin is produced on a regular basis throughout the year, keeping you up-to-date with all of the Safeguarding in Sport news. To subscribe to the Safeguarding in Sport e-bulletin please email .

Stay Safe & Have Fun In Sport leaflet

Stay Safe & Have Fun in Sport is a leaflet for children and young people to raise awareness about their right to be safe while playing sport. It suggests where children and young people can find help and support if they are worried about something. ‘Stay Safe and Have Fun in Sport’ is suitable for all children and young people 10 years and over.

To order printed copies (for a small charge) please call Safeguarding in Sport on 0141 419 1156, email: or use the contact form below.

Stay Safe & Have Fun or use the contact form below.

Responding to Adult Disclosures of Childhood Sexual Abuse – Briefing

This briefing paper, in conjunction with Open Secret, is designed to give you an overview of how you can best support an adult disclosing childhood sexual abuse and what ongoing support is available nationally for adult survivors of abuse.

The guidance in this paper relates only to adults over the age of 18 disclosing historical abuse and we would remind you that any concerns about the wellbeing of a child under the age of 18 should be dealt with using your current child protection policies and procedures.

Child Protection Policy 

Everyone has a part to play and responsibility to provide a safe environment for our children. Our Child Protection policy provides advice and guidance for Clubs, Club Child Protection Officers, parents and volunteers. We are continually reviewing training programmes to offer further support for staff and volunteers.

We as an association are aware of the changing world and our policies must remain current. Our procedures will continue to be in line with Scottish Government policies such as Getting it Right for Every Child and best practice. The 8 indicators of Wellbeing, which are known as SHANARRI, are Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, and Included.

The Camanachd Association work closely with agencies such as sportscotland, Children 1st, Police Scotland and NSPCC to protect people at all levels from harm. In cases of concern, we will act swiftly and appropriately using our established case management procedures. The Camanachd Association is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable sport.


To find out about the latest training courses, click here.

Camanachd Association Anti-bullying Policy

To find our Anti-bullying Policy, click here.

The policy is available below, however you can access a shortcut to the most relevant information for you below:



Child Wellbeing and protection officers


Child Wellbeing And Protection In Sport Policy – in full 

If you have any concerns at any time please contact our Child Protection Officer, Ronald Ross at the Camanachd Association

Further Information

Safeguarding in Sport opens in new window

0141 419 1156

sportscotland opens in new window opens in new window


0800 1111 opens in new window

ParentLine Scotland

0800 0282233 opens in new window

Legislation opens in new window

UK Safer Internet Centre: opens in new window

Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP)

www.ceop.police opens in new window Actions taken and reasons for decisions shall be recorded (in the order in which they happen) on the Concern Recording Form. This should be signed and dated by the Club Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer or the person appointed to manage the response process. Further guidance and support is available from your governing body Lead Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer and/or the Children 1st Safeguarding in Sport Service: T – 0141 419 1156 E – opens in new window.

Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services

General Helpline: 01786 849 777 opens in new window

Disclosure Scotland

0870 609 6006 opens in new window

Respect Me: Scotland’s anti-bullying service opens in new window

Police Scotland

To report a crime: 101

Victim Support – 0800 160 1985

The Camanachd Association will endeavour through our policies, procedures, actions and decision-making to ensure that no employee, volunteer or member receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, sex, gender identity, disability, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, religion, race, ethnic origin, nationality, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation.

In addition The Camanachd Association recognises that we live in a diverse society and will endeavour to ensure that all employees, volunteers and members are given the same opportunity regardless of their socio-economic background.

The Camanachd Association is committed to ensuring equitable access to Camanachd and fair treatment for all who wish to participate.

The full CA Diversity and Inclusion Policy is available here

The Camanachd Association is a signatory of the Equality Network Scottish LGBT Sports Charter

The LGBT Sports Charter guidelines can be downloaded here

If you would like to discuss LGBT please contact National Development Manager Graham Cormack on 07894 588538 or and he can access appropriate support.