Ahead of the Littlejohn and McHue & Porter Tournament on 15th March, Lee Thompson from Scottish Student Sport, sat down with some of the Captain’s. Read Strathclyde men’s Captain Andrew Tyre’s interview below:

How has your clubs preparations being going for the Littlejohn/McHue and Porter tournament?

Training has improved recently with Uddingston now training with us, the extra numbers give more opportunities for bigger games and more game like drills.

There have been some good competitions this year and some highly competitive matches being played across the league. How do you think you will fair? or do you have a goal for this year’s tournament?

We’re confident that we can retain the trophy from last season, we’ve been the team to beat in league this year and we hope to continue that into the Little John.

Who do you feel could be your biggest opposition this year and why?

Would have to be Aberdeen or Edinburgh, they’ve both taken points of us in the league this year. Aberdeen played very well in the tournament last year so they’ll maybe be one to watch out for.

With the short time frame matches, an early goal can set the tone, even cost the game. Do you think this will be a challenge or an opportunity for you?

The short matches make for some interesting shinty, we’ll definitely be pushing for an early goal in all the matches, this was often a deciding factor in last year’s tournament.

Who in your team do you feel gives you a threat or will cause opposition difficulties?

Dan Macdonald, he’s the top goal scorer in the league this year, that speaks for itself. He watched from the sideline last year due to injury so he’ll be keen to help bring home the trophy this year.

Who in your team has that ability to motivate players and bring the best out of them?

Cluanie Fraser likes to be very vocal, he’s always able to get the boys to push that extra bit.

Who is your dark horse?

I’d have to say Marcus Keith, he’s not played a league game this year due to other commitments, but I think he’ll make a big difference in this tournament.

Worst dance moves in your team?

Scott MacVicar, he doesn’t get up to dance often, but that’s definitely a good thing.