Ahead of the Littlejohn and McHue & Porter Tournament on 15th March, Lee Thompson from Scottish Student Sport, sat down with some of the Captain’s. Read Glasgow women’s Captain Kirsty MacArthur’s interview below:

How has your clubs preparations being going for the Littlejohn/ McHue Porter Tournament?

We have been working hard all year to train regularly on grass and astro. Now that the league is coming to an end, we can put all of our efforts into training for the McHue Porter tournament. We anticipate a great day of shinty with lots of challenging competition from the other teams so are working our best to train hard.

There have been some good competitions this year and some highly competitive matches being played across the league. How do you think you will fair? Or do you have a goal for this tournament?

We believe in our players to do their very best on the day. We are absolutely buzzing for this tournament and to see all the teams we have had the opportunity to play this past season again! Our number one goal is to have fun and get everyone playing and enjoying as much shinty as possible.

Who do you feel could be your biggest opposition this year and why?

It goes with the territory – the other team based in Glasgow – Strathclyde Uni! We love them to bits and love our joint socials and tours but when we get on the pitch, we mean business, especially with their strong team!

But really, we think every team will be a threat. The progress that all teams have made this year has been amazing to see and has made us even more excited for the challenging games waiting for us during this tournament.

With the short time frame matches, an early goal can set the tone, even cost the game. Do you think this will be a challenge or an opportunity for you?

Everything is an opportunity! Ultimately, we are just excited to see what we can do in a short time frame and even more excited to play every uni in one day.

While an early goal can set the tone for a short time frame match, whether it is a challenge or an opportunity I think depends on both team’s response and ability to adapt to the situation. I think our team is mentally strong enough to be able to cope with conceding an early goal, and not let this demoralise us. Equally, we work well in short bursts, so these short time frame matches should suit our style of play well.

Who in your team do you feel gives you a threat or will cause opposition difficulties?

Honestly, I think our whole team line will cause the opposition difficulty. The progress each and every person has made from September is amazing. The way our team has come together and progressed through each game is amazing and something I’m very proud of.

Though, one person in particular who I’m confident will cause some real difficulty for the opposition’s forward line is Orla McKee, she’s like a wall in defence. No balls getting past her!

Who in your team has the ability to motivate players and bring out the best in them?

I think all our senior players have done an amazing job this year of motivating the team, working with players strengths (and their weaknesses!) and leading the team to some great results. Every player knows that they deserve to be on that pitch – making them work that tiny bit harder every time! The growth in this team has been insane – we’ve come a long way since September both as individuals, and as a team.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how we can build on this growth, and improve for next season.

Another key contributor to the team’s growth is the guidance of Eimear whose gentle but direct approach on the pitch and her ability to lead by example (including running fast and good hits!) motivates the players to do their best and win the game!

Who is your dark horse?

I believe all our newbies are dark horses. Don’t underestimate them just because they haven’t been playing for long! The progress our new players have made since starting in September is unbelievable and I’m just really excited for them to be able to showcase their abilities during this tournament.

Worst dance moves in your team?

Unfortunately, there is no one true winner of this title – we are all as equally as bad as each other!