The Artemis Macaualy Cup Semi-Final will take place tomorrow Saturday 7th August at Braeview Park, Beauly from noon. Ahead of this matchup we caught up with Lovat’s Fraser Heath.

Kingussie are in sensational form, unbeaten all season and are widely tipped as favourites going into this weekend, how can Lovat pull off an upset?

Kingussie are preforming well but I don’t feel it would be an upset if we won. It’s been close games between these two teams over the last several seasons and I feel we are coming into a good run of form ourselves and if we play to the standard we can, then it will make for an interesting game that we are more than capable of winning.

The only match Lovat have lost this season was on Matchday 1 where you narrowly lost out against Kingussie at the Dell. What can you do better this weekend than you did that day?

Losing the first game of the season was unfortunate, a 5 minute loss of concentration and they capitalised. Again it was a close game. We’ve started to score more consistently compared to the first game, so keeping that momentum of scoring would be ideal to taking the win on Saturday.

You are Lovat’s top goal scorer with 6 goals so far this season, just how much are you enjoying your shinty at the moment?

Its great being back to playing Shinty, last year was odd having so many free Saturdays but it’s good to be back training and playing with the team. It’s something I’ve missed a lot.

I would imagine Lovat will be well supported at Braeview on Saturday, just how much of a boost does having the fans back give?

It’s great to see more and more supporters allowed to go watch their teams play! I feel it’s always a huge boost listening to the crowd when they are showing support and cheering on the team.

If you can get past Kingussie on Saturday, does that make you favourites going into the final?

I’m not sure if that would make us the favourites if we win on Saturday, I personally don’t believe it matters. It’s a final and both teams will be up for it and give their all. The best team will win – at the end of the day and it’s about who wanted it more and took their chances.

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