MOWI Youth Development Fund Announced

MOWI Youth Development Fund Announced

The Camanachd Association, Governing Body for Shinty, Scotland’s most historic sport, today announced that MOWI, our longstanding partner, has agreed to renew the Youth Development Fund. The agreement will support shinty clubs in their development and is focused on enhancing opportunities for children and young people

The Children & Youth Development Fund aims to increase opportunities and participation at accredited or accrediting member Clubs by providing a maximum grant award of £500. The funding will be eligible for accredited member clubs who are proposing new or enhanced initiatives to develop shinty for children and young people (up to age 18).

Development Fund Guidelines 2023

MOWI Development Fund Application Form 2023

Closing Date: Friday 14th July.

This investment comes during the 35th year of MOWI sponsoring shinty, an immense commitment from our longest standing partner. The support that MOWI have given shinty in over 3 and a half decades is immense.

Examples of the types of projects for which funding is available can include:

  • Recruitment, training and development of additional volunteers, youth coaches and/or referees to increase the club’s capacity for participation and promotion through the club Accreditation scheme.
  • Establishing new opportunities to take part in shinty
  • Enhanced activity targeted at increasing participation through holiday periods e.g. Running a summer camp

Derek Keir, Camanachd Association CEO said:

“This commitment reflects their unwavering support for the growth and development of shinty at the grassroots level. With this generous contribution, shinty clubs across the country will have the opportunity to apply for funding, empowering them to nurture and cultivate the next generation of talented shinty players. MOWI’s dedication to fostering youth development in our sport is commendable, and we are immensely grateful for their partnership. Together, we can create a vibrant future for shinty and provide invaluable opportunities for young athletes to thrive.”

Jayne MacKay, Mowi Community Engagement Officer said:

“As the MOWI Community Engagement Officer, I am thrilled to announce the launch of the Youth Development Fund for Shinty Clubs. This initiative reflects our commitment to supporting local communities and fostering the growth of shinty at its grassroots. Through this funding, we aim to empower shinty clubs to invest in their youth programs, providing opportunities for young athletes to develop their skills and passion for the sport. We believe that investing in the next generation is crucial for the sustainability and vibrancy of shinty. I encourage all shinty clubs to seize this opportunity and apply for the Youth Development Fund, as we work together to create a brighter future for shinty.”