The Camanachd Association are delighted to share the success of our shinty taster session in Nairn on Monday. This taster session saw the return of shinty to the Nairn community for the first time in many years, as a whopping 43 participants took to the Maggot for a fun and eventful day of shinty.

There was a vast array of skills, talent and potential on show as the youngsters of Nairn got involved in a new sport. The session was open to all children in primary school and they didn’t disappoint with such an impressive turnout on the final day of the summer holidays.

The exceptional level of interest means there will be plenty of shinty to come in Nairn .  The Camanachd Association is confident that this is an area in which shinty can thrive and provide opportunities to all within the community. The drive and enthusiasm amongst the local population makes this an exciting area to keep an eye on in shinty for the near future.

The future of shinty in Nairn is very bright.