Badenoch Shinty Memories Group

Badenoch Shinty Memories Group are looking for a self-employed person to work with the board to help with the development of the Group’s work.
Contract Details
Start Date: December 2022
Length: December 2022 until end March 2023 (approx. 16 weeks)
Hours: 15 hours per week
Pay: £35 per hour
Travel: 45p per mile

The person appointed will be responsible for all Income Tax, National Insurance and any other taxes and charges relative to fees paid.

Badenoch Shinty Memories Group (BSMG) was formally launched in July 2019, as part of the wider shinty community under the umbrella of the national organisation Shinty Memories Scotland (SMS), in a unique and ongoing collaboration with the Highland Folk Museum (HFM). The group’s activities are founded on reminiscence – using this as a catalyst to spark memories and start conversations which are of therapeutic value to those living with dementia (LWD).
BSMG currently runs activities for small LWD groups at least once a month, each attended by 6-12 regular participants from across the 5 Badenoch communities of Kincraig, Kingussie, Newtonmore, Laggan and Dalwhinnie. These are deliberately kept small to support those living with dementia to feel safe and relaxed.
In addition, BSMG hosts occasions aimed at those living with dementia as well as with wider health issues such as loneliness and isolation and these often attract 60-70 people from across Badenoch and the wider area. These numbers speak for themselves in terms of evidence of need and it is felt that that the number of people living with dementia in B&S, will only grow in the future, so requiring further support for families.
At this crucial stage of the project, coming out of the pandemic, BSMG are looking to take on paid assistance to support and maintain the group’s current activities, and also crucially grow the project reach in terms of people involved and activity levels provided. To that end, we are seeking financial support for a Development Officer (DO), who will support with administration, organising of events and promotion of activities, helping the group to not only maintain current activity, but also develop new initiatives to reach out and positively impact more people in the area.
BSMG have recently started the process of producing the next 5-year strategic plan and identifying the outcomes they wish to achieve over that period and beyond. This will provide a clear framework for an incoming DO to deliver on.

We are looking for someone with the necessary skills and experience to help take the Project through the next phase. The Development Officer will be asked to:
• Maintain and grow current activity levels
• Develop new types of activity
• Reach more people who will benefit from BSMG’s work
• Alleviate stress for families and carers
• Scope out prospects to make the project more self-sustaining
• Support professional Mental Health Teams in the work that they do – by offering added services/activities
• Encourage more people to become volunteers again and even join the board to help strengthen succession planning
• Allow those living with dementia to retain a strong interest / connection with their community
• Embed stronger networks and partnerships with those organisations who are also supporting people living with dementia, loneliness and isolation.

A detailed timetable for review and assessment of progress will be put in place, with a series of milestones to be met, and all possible assistance and support given to the appointee as may be required. The Contractor will report to a named volunteer committee member of the Badenoch Shinty Memories Group.

• Good levels of empathy and understanding for people with disabilities or living with issues to do with their mental health, and the determination to create safe and welcoming environments for such people
• Ability to recognise and prioritise the needs of the project, and work to high standards in order to meet these in line with realistic targets
• Strong organisation and time management skills, including the ability to work on own initiative, to multi-task and to prioritise tasks to meet deadlines
• Excellent interpersonal skills and an enthusiastic, can-do attitude
• Excellent communication skills to be able to liaise with service users, board and key project partners
• Liaise with and present information to the board and key partners
• Excellent computer skills including a good command of MS Office
• Working knowledge of Gaelic would be an advantage

Your application should include:
– how you will meet each specific requirement listed above
– how these could be applied to deliver the stated objectives of this phase of the Project
– how quickly you could start to help deliver the project work.

Closing date for applications is 12 noon on Monday 5th December 2022
The successful applicant will be notified by end of Tuesday 6th December.

Please send your application by email to