RICruden Scotland U17s Tour of Ireland: A Tale of Friendship and Hospitality

The RICruden Scotland U17s embarked on a great tour of Ireland, showcasing their shinty skill and passion against our Irish cousins. With two consecutive nights of competitive matches, the young Scots were given a stern test as they faced formidable opponents in Kildare and Kilkenny. The tour was an opportunity for the emerging talents to test their mettle against some of Ireland’s best young players and immerse themselves in the rich hurling culture of the Emerald Isle.

Monday Night: Triumph in Kildare

The tour began on a high note as Scotland secured a well fought victory against Kildare on Monday night. The match was a display of both talent and determination as both teams fought fiercely for supremacy on the field. Scotland’s U17s showcased their impressive skills and teamwork on the night and ran away 40-24 winners. Despite the fairly comfortable victory, the players had their eyes opened during the last 10 minutes where Scotland allowed the Kildare players to catch the ball – with the county truly coming to life.

Full score details below:

FT – Kildare U17s 4-1-10 (24) Scotland U17s 11-0-7 (40) <Goals: Archie MacRae (3); Torrin Cairns (2); Matthew Sloss (3) Rory McDonald (2); Innes Jackson (1) Points: Matthew Sloss (3); Callum MacIver (1); Archie Millar (2); Innes Jackson (1)>

The win against Kildare served as a confidence booster for the young Scots, setting the stage for their next challenge against one of Ireland’s most esteemed hurling counties.

Tuesday Night: A Gritty Battle in Kilkenny

The following night, the RICruden Scotland U17s faced a tough challenge against the hurling giants, Kilkenny. Known for their storied history in the sport and consistent dominance on the national stage, Kilkenny presented a formidable opponent for the Scottish team as they took on the All-Ireland Minor Runners-Up. The match proved to be a gritty and hard-fought battle, with both sides leaving everything on the field.

Though Scotland couldn’t secure a victory against Kilkenny, they demonstrated incredible sportsmanship and tenacity throughout the game. Playing against such skilled opponents provided valuable lessons and insights, which will undoubtedly contribute to their growth and development as players in the future.

We went to the best County in Ireland and it showed they were a level above but it was a tremendous learning experience for the boys. If the hurling was good, the hospitality was even better, professional level stuff from Kilkenny to put on a 2 course meal for the young Scots at short notice.

Full details of the game and the scorers are below:

FT – Kilkenny U17s 6-0-10 (28) Scotland U17s 2-3-3 (15) <Goals: Innes Jackson (1); Matthew Sloss (1) Points Archie Millar (6) Euan Dingwall (1) Finlay MacLennan (2)>

Another successful trip that has shown through shared love for their respective ancient Celtic stick-and-ball games, the players and spectators alike find common ground, celebrating the richness of their cultural heritage and strengthening the bonds of friendship between our two nations.