Shinty Memories Groups have been or are being set up in a number of shinty-playing  communities,  and the network is set to expand as more clubs and areas become involved.  The groups have grown from a collaborative project called Sports Heritage Scotland involving Shinty’s governing body, the Camanachd Association and five other sports in which the sports’ archives and other resources are being used to help people with dementia and living in other difficult circumstances such as depression and loneliness. The work is also contributing towards the establishment of a national shinty archive.

The groups open to anyone and when they are set up they are supplied with sets of cards and other materials which have been prepared from various archives using images of players, trophies, pitches and badges. They are laminated, and the reverse includes clues to assist recall.  Various activities such as quizzes, fund-raising veterans’ matches are being organised.

There can be few clubs or families who are not aware of people who have to meet the challenges of dealing with mental health issues such as dementia. Memories Shinty Club, the first on-line virtual shinty club, has been established with its own Facebook and Twitter presence which have been extremely successful. Modelled on a previously trialled and very successful project involving football, the plan is to build sets of resources to be used to help people improve their recall, communication skills, self-esteem and confidence.

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A series of interviews with presenter and former Scotland shinty captain Gary Innes, who talks to some of the legends of Scotland’s oldest sport.

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Join Aarron Duncan-MacLeod as he previews and reviews the weeks shinty with a changing weekly Co-Host.

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