Anne-Mary Wharton, daughter of William Paterson, Camanachd Association President from 1937 to 1948 visited the grave of her uncles who died during WWI.

Anne-Mary’s uncles, Alastair and Donald were both shinty players before the Great War. Alastair was captain and his brother was a player in the 1913 Beauly shinty team which won the prestigious Camanachd Cup.

Lance-Corporal Donald Paterson (23) and Alastair (27), a second lieutenant, served with the 4th Battalion of the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders.

Camanachd Association President, Steven MacKenzie wrote memorial crosses for Anne-Mary to lay by their graves, one for the two brothers on behalf of Beauly Shinty Club and another in tribute to all the shinty players who fell in WWI & WWII on behalf of the Camanachd Association.