The University of St Andrews Shinty Club warmly invites you to the reinstitution of the St Andrews 6s tournament.

Taking place September 17th, following the Camanachd cup, the University of St Andrews Shinty Club is reinstating our highly popular six-a-side tournament. Join us for a fabulous day of shinty and an even more fabulous ceilidh in the evening.

Food and drink will be provided pitch-side as well as in the much-loved Aikman’s bar and bistro.

The Event

This is an ideal event for young or relatively inexperienced players to gain match experience. Having seen, heard or even thought about the Camanachd cup the day prior, newer players are highly encouraged to come whet their appetites here in Fife. Premiership players are requested to attend in a coaching, refereeing or social capacity only. Female players are especially encouraged to attend.

The History

The Fingal Memorial Shield was given ‘in memory of Hugh Macquodale (“Fingal” of the Oban Times) 1866-1937…for the encouragement of the game in the South.’ First contested in 1940, Glasgow and then St Andrews University hosted the event, which became the largest one-day shinty tournament in the 1970s and 1980s, with marquees, bands and beer tents.

Since 1999 the event has been kept relatively informal, gaining a reputation as a really fun day out as part of a larger celebration of the recent growth and development of shinty in Fife and internationally. Since 1999 tournaments have included players from Kilmory, Glenorchy, Kilmallie, Glasgow Mid-Argyle, Edinburgh East Lothian, London, St. Andrews, Musselburgh, Edinburgh Uni, Glasgow Uni, The Scots, Cornwall, Jersey, England, and Aberdour, among others.

Pre-pandemic, up to 20 teams from Scotland, England and even America have taken part. We hope that you will join us in remaking this integral part of the grass-roots shinty calendar.

To register, please complete this google form.

The Rules

Groups will be of 4-6 teams.

Each team is permitted up to three substitutes.

Games will be 10 minutes each way, with a two minute break to change sides.

Change-over between matches will be five minutes long.

Unless stated, rules are consistent will the 2021 Camanachd Association bylaws.

Throw-ups and match ends will be announced by hooter.


Sunday 17th September

10:30 Registration at the Shinty Pitches

11.00 Throw up

17.00 Final

17.30 Presentation

20.00 Shinty Cèilidh – tickets will be made available nearer the date

*Please get in contact (details below) if you think you may be eligible to play for the Alumni teams or would like further details.*

Directions on the day

Parking: Parking for the w/e events will be available at: the Astronomy Building next to our pitches, the DRA car park and at the North Haugh car-park nearby.

Accommodation: It is hoped that many players will stay over to make the most of the weekend’s festivities.

We recommend the St Andrews Tourist Hostel.

If you are unable to find space in any of St Andrews local hotels, St Andrews players will endeavour to accommodate as many teams as possible.

To check availability of bed/floor space, please contact Jonah via the email address below.

Finally, myself, the other tournament organisers and the club as a whole would like to thank those who have made this tournament so special in the past. If we’ve captured at least half your joined senses of fun, this year’s tournament will be something to remember. To those returning and to those joining, please bring as many players, musicians and supporters as possible. We look forward to welcoming you to the John Seamen’s arena this September.


Gus Stephenson (Men’s captain).

07444 852910

Organising team

Jonah Morgan –

Ruairidh Davidson –

Julia Stewart –