Male Player of the Season

Congratulations to Conor Sweeney for being Tayforths’ Player of the Season.

Sweeney has been a valuable asset to the forward lines and has helped with training both the male and female teams!

We hope his success runs into the new 2022 season.

Honourable mention to Lee Thompson, who’s solid defence using stick, sweat and shins kept the team on top for most the games!

Female Player of the Season

Caitlin Loretto has played solidly in defence, successfully blocking attempts at goal and getting the ball back into Tayforth’s possession.

She is extremely reliable and always challenges attackers to bring their A game!

Iona McCulloch was our runner up.

A new start for Tayforth last year, but has become a solid foundation in midfield for us (even though she didn’t want to!).

She has also helped to ref our games when it was our first turn to host as she’d broken her thumb at a previous round robin in Glasgow.

She’s a fantastic new addition to our team.


Caitlin Loretto POTS (right) getting stuck in. Photo courtesy of Kathryn MacLean
Conor Sweney 2021 POTS. Photo courtesy of John Fullerton.