In 2013 the Camanachd Association commissioned work with a globally recognised UK testing house, SGS who provide global experience in every industry and sector to ensure that products meet and exceed the market regulations and standards required. SGS were commissioned to conduct a variety of tests on Mycro Helmets and faceguards to ensure they were fit for purpose for use and as a result recommended for use by the Camanachd Association since 2013 due to its protective purposes in mitigating the passage of a shinty ball or struck caman. The testing report is available below.

SGS: Shinty Helmet and Facemask testing report – 13th March 2013

Rule on Helmets   Changes detailed 
2013 Helmet rule for U17s implemented Helmets made mandatory for U17s

Mycro Helmet tested and recommended for use by the CA

This rule applied to all youth players who participate at U-17 level, U-14 level or who play in a team competing in any competition covered by Bye-laws 2, 3 or 4 with the exception of first shinty games which are not included owing to the use of different camans and balls. Also, any Youth player participating at senior level i.e. Second team or First team, must wear a compliant helmet.


Additional detail on faceguard grid sizes added to byelaw 4.2.


If a referee identifies that a faceguard (Maximum grid size of 60mm x 28mm) worn by a child or young person [by design or modification] allows the passage of a struck ball or swung standard caman, he/she shall be obliged to bar the individual from taking part in the match unless a suitable alternative helmet/faceguard combination can be provided
2019 Helmet proposal not carried

In 2019 The Camanachd Association proposed making helmets compulsory with an opt out to 2025


The vote was 19 in favour: Proposal not carried.


The President expressed his disappointment that a date had not been established for the compulsory wearing of Helmets.

2019 Helmet proposal not carried

In 2019 Glenurquhart Shinty Club also proposed helmets be made compulsory with an opt out to 2030.


The vote was 8 in favour: Proposal not carried
2020 Helmet proposal not carried

To approve the Amended Special Resolution in relation to Byelaw 1.4.4 Players        Equipment – Helmets from Glasgow Mid Argyll Shinty Club (GMA).



The vote was 29 For. 9 Against. 4 Abstained / Non-response. – Proposal not carried.


2020 Helmet proposal carried



3. To approve the Special Resolution in relation to Byelaw 1.4.4 Players Equipment –       Helmets from Glenurquhart Shinty Club.

The vote was 37 For. 3 Against. 2 Abstained / Non-response. – Proposal carried.


Helmets with Face Guard became compulsory with immediate effect for adults after the 2020 AGM. Players must wear an approved helmet or have signed an “Opt Out Waiver” which is to be uploaded by clubs to the Camanachd Association Membership platform. A new waiver must be signed annually, the waiver option in line with our current byelaws will cease to exist in our rules on from 1st Jan 2030.

The Camanachd Association are a member led organisation and any changes to byelaw one rules (which include the mandatory wearing of helmets for adults unless a participant has signed the opt out waiver) can be proposed by members and must be passed by 75% of our voting members. All youths must wear a compliant helmet and faceguard and have been required to since 2013.

In 2013 the Byelaws for the Camanachd Association were updated to include the recommendation of a Mycro Helmet

In 2018 the Byelaws were updated further with further detail to mitigate risk including the passage of a struck ball or swung standard caman.

For the avoidance of doubt any helmets that have been tampered with or that allow the passage of a swung caman or ball through the faceguard with bars wider apart than the dimensions detailed above are not compliant (This means helmets designed for Hurling such as the O’Neils helmets are not compliant with shinty rules as they allow for the passage of a swung caman). For these reasons the Camanachd Association have been recommending Mycro helmets due to their compliant faceguard since 2013. The Camanachd Association rules require all participants to wear compliant helmets or for adults to sign and submit an opt out waiver. Mycro helmets are currently the only helmet provider that has been formally tested and approved for use in Shinty.

The Camanachd Association board met on Wednesday 30th March and were hugely encouraged by the initial feedback following a short consultation with member clubs to support the move to bring forward the date on opt outs for shinty helmets.

49 clubs (or club representatives) were consulted and 39 were in favour of the compulsory wearing of helmets being brought forward from 2030. A further 3 clubs wanted more time to consult members whilst another three said yes in principle subject to some other conditions.

Following the board meeting – The Camanachd Association will now work with member clubs as well as exploring a wider range of helmet providers (in line with the rules for helmets) to put forward a proposal for consideration by members at the Annual general meeting later this year.