The Camanachd Association are committed to playing our part in supporting a clean sport through education and awareness raising of rules to protect our sport, our people and our communities.

Protecting shinty depends on everyone across the sport playing their part to maintain a level playing field. We know we can’t do it alone. It takes a team.

Clean competition rests on athletes, parents and club personell having the know-how to speak out when something’s wrong within our sport – no matter how small the information may seem.

Protect Your Sport from those who seek to cheat or from those willing to bring a dangerous or illegal practice into your environment. Email to report any concerns.

Directory of Services (Drug and Alcohol Support Services)

Sample Club – Alcohol & Drug – Policy

CA Health & Wellbeing Policy

Byelaw 7

Anti Doping Policy

The Association is opposed to the use of prohibited drugs in the game and will undertake whatever steps are necessary to ensure its members do not partake of any of the banned substances listed in the International Olympic Committees Medical Commission or the world Anti-Doping Agency (the WADA) United Kingdom Anti-Doping (UKAD) 2015 Code.

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The World Anti-Doping Code was updated in 2021

It’s important athletes and their support personnel understand the major anti-doping changes included in the 2021 @wada_ama World Anti-Doping Code, so @ukantidoping have created a guide to help!

Read the guide and familiarise yourself.


Camanachd Association

Committed to clean sport

Protect your sport

It takes a team to protect our sport.

If you feel something’s not right, help us protect clean sport and share your concerns in confidence. We know coming forward isn’t easy, so when you feel something is wrong that impacts clean sport, act in confidence. Send us a direct email to

For more information:        #CleanSport #ProtectYourSport

Our contribution to wellbeing

As a sports governing body the Camanachd Association is focused on contributing to the wellbeing of our communities through shinty in its fullest form. The wellbeing of our communities is crucial for the protection of our sport and therefore we will use our resources to protect and priorities wellbeing in the following ways.

  • Prioritisation internally and externally to support wellbeing
  • Continued support for lifelong engagement in our sport

 What we do?

  • On an annual basis the Camanachd Association advocate UK Anti Doping’s clean sport week to raise awareness on clean sport, education and anti-doping initiatives. The 2022 theme was: What you see is 100% me. As part of our contribution we have developed a number of social media clips with players in shinty advocating clean sport.
  • UKAD has a new and regularly reviewed location on our homepage on to reach the greatest number of visitors to our website.
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness workshops are part of our education programme at our annual Development Camp which takes place in July. Up to 80 young people will participate in this years shinty camp over the course of a week with representation from every club in youth shinty.
  • The Under 17 national squad will also take part in further Alcohol and Drug education in their annual trip to Ireland.
  • A number of events are being delivered around Mental and Emotional Wellbeing in partnership with Mikeysline and the Scottish Association for Mental Health. This work contributes to our health and wellbeing agenda and whilst our fundamental role as a governing body is to organise competitions and host events we are also committed and aware of the important role that the provision of these events presents as positive diversionary activities in rural communities.
  • Plans for Schools of Shinty continue to evolve in each location and this includes intentions to integrate learning objectives on health and wellbeing to maximise learning for young people.
  • Camanachd Association have applied to be part of sportscotland’s changing lives programme to receive further training that supports a sports potential to enhance the life-changing effects of sports participation.