Burton Morrison has been confirmed as the President-Elect of the Camanachd Association. With a lifelong engagement in shinty, Burton  is able to empathise with the challenges shinty clubs across the nation encounter, and understand the importance of the game to players, coaches, volunteers, and officials. Through his time on the board, he has been able to gain a deeper insight into the administration of the game and relationships with various associations, supporting businesses and regulatory bodies.

About Burton Morrison: 

A chartered civil engineer, now retired, Burton is a native of Glenurquhart where he learned his shinty before moving to Aberdeen University. There he was part of the successful team of the early 70s which he captained to Sutherland Cup success in 1973.

After moving to Glasgow, he played for Glasgow Mid Argyll for over twenty years, managed the first team and became Club President in the early nineties.

Burton gained representative honours playing for Scotland in each of the shinty-hurling matches which took place between 1976 and 1979. Later on, he assisted Kingussie legend Donnie Grant in managing the Scotland U21 team in 1991and 1992, taking over as manager for the period 1993-96. In 1996, he returned to coaching, and was a founder member and first chairman of Milngavie and Bearsden Junior Shinty Club.

President-Elect Burton Morrison (2nd from left) alongside World Class golfer Robert MacIntyre and Camanachd Association dignitaries at the 2021 Tulloch Homes Camanachd Cup Final - Kevin McGlynn

The newly appointed President-Elect said: “Like many sports, shinty continues to evolve and I see many changes for the better over the last thirty years or so, including the growth of the women’s game, improved playing surfaces and general facilities, improved club structures and a more professional approach to players’ health and welfare. I would wish to see continuous improvement in these areas, whilst accepting that there remain challenges in other areas”