CA Board confirm competition plans ahead of 2021 season

CA Board confirm competition plans ahead of 2021 season.

Last night, the Camanachd Association Board of Directors backed the Competition Committee’s plans for the 2021 season. Following the positive news that all clubs had registered for the 2021 season, the Competitions Committee was able to draw up a number of options for when we are able to return to playing competitive shinty.

It was agreed that, when it is safe to return, clubs will be given a 4-6 week pre-season in order to get fitness and stick work back up to the required standard. This will be followed by a league and cup campaign which is likely to involve.

  • Abbreviated Mowi leagues of 6 teams giving 10 league fixtures for each team. How these leagues will be split will be determined on locality, although we recognise the tiered system we are likely to return to will also have some bearing.
  • Regional competitions such as the MacTavish Cup & Celtic Cup may be moved to a later stage in the season, subject to necessary agreements.
  • National cup competitions will be regionalised in the early rounds to reduce long distance travelling. (This will include the Tulloch Homes Camanachd Cup, Highland Industrial Supplies Sutherland Cup and the Alvance Balliemore Cup)

With the rollout of the COVID 19 vaccine underway the Camanachd Association board were mindful of developing a flexible structure that can be delivered in line with government guidance and activated when restrictions allow. This plan includes reduced travel for teams in the first instance and will be focused on re-activating our competitions to maximise the physical, social and mental health and wellbeing of our communities as soon as it is safe to do so.

Steven MacKenzie, Camanachd Association President said:

“I, and indeed all of my fellow Directors, were pleased to endorse the plan put forward to us by the Competitions Committee. I would like to thank Competitions Director Burton Morrison as well as the full committee for developing a robust plan that enables us to maximise our shinty playing opportunities while minimising the risk. We are all eager to return to play shinty in line with government guidance and with this plan in place we are one step closer to doing so.”

Burton Morrison, Competitions Director said:

Under the current restrictions, we are unable to confirm a start date at the present time for the revised season. However, we are optimistic that we are able to plan for a number of options for a competitive structure which will give teams the opportunity to get back playing. The form of season adopted will depend on the length of time available. We will allow for adequate pre-season preparation, and will take account of the practical difficulties involved in travelling long distances at present, as well as the recognised key dates on the calendar”

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