We are delighted to be able to extend our trial membership system which has been running with Glenurquhart Shinty Club for the past two years to a further 5 clubs.

How does that work?

Individual players/parents log on to the system using their unique credentials and purchase membership for the CA, when they do so, membership for their club is automatically added to their basket. That means that in one fell swoop, players purchase their Membership & Insurance from the CA and their Club Membership. The club receive their part of the payment and the Camanachd receive their part.

How would that benefit my club?

We have piloted the scheme with Glenurquhart Shinty Club and had the following feedback:

“We at GUSC are sitting at 100% of our memberships paid. All our current 185 (111 youths) active members have navigated the portal, with only a handful needing extra assistance.

The way the payments are going through Stripe, this year works well for us with the club’s share of the membership fee going straight into Stripe account when members pay. It was set to transfer from Stripe account to club bank account daily, however I have opted it to go weekly to save the large volumes of transactions.

The parents of our youth have used the portal to give photographic permissions which has saved a large amount of time, it’s no easy feat trying to gather in 100+ photo permissions manually.

We have added a section for medical info to each player profile, thereby the portal holds all the information we require at our finger tips.

Having the parental consents and adult helmet waivers uploaded on there too has been great, we can literally find all the CA members ‘paperwork’ in a click.

Furthermore, those new to shinty can register themselves on the portal, completing their details, selecting their club and thereby generating their CA numbers and purchasing their memberships, this dramatically reduces the secretary’s workload

This year GUSC are running a summer shinty camp (previous years it was HLH armed with GUSC coaches). Again the portal has dramatically reduced our workload. By creating an event, which took minimal time, I have been able to set the number of spaces each day (there is also a waiting list facility for when days reach their limit), the cost per day and any relevant info, times, location etc. I sent out the link to our U12 club members, who then log in to their profile, pick the days and pay to book their places.

I fully hope that the Camanachd Association will be supporting the continued use of the portal over the coming seasons, given that evidence we at GUSC have provided of its success in terms of managing club memberships and our members, with both young and old supporting it.”

Laura Stoddart (GUSC Secretary)

Not all good things in life come free, what will it cost?

The JustGo Club+ System costs £250 per year but the Camanachd Association have secured a deal so it will only cost member clubs between £80 and £160 per year (charged quarterly) depending on the size of your club. On top of that the payment gateway “Stripe” charges 3.4% +20p per transaction.

Who is eligible:

Interested clubs who charge the same (or more) than we do for each type of membership will be offered the chance to join the Club+ Scheme. The Club+ Scheme moves the onus of responsibility from the Club to the Individual.

The only other condition is an enthusiastic club admin who is willing to work with the Camanachd Association to get the most out of the JustGo system.

I’m interested in removing the burden of chasing money for my club!

In that case, fill in this 5 answer questionnaire: https://forms.gle/KZLdNmRAC9jZ7hhy6

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to enquire.

We anticipate that this will be a sought after service so please note that application will not guarantee success and that there are only 5 spots up for grabs.