Edinburgh Shinty

We are Camanachd Dhùn-Èideann, Edinburgh’s youth shinty club, run entirely by volunteers. Our main training sessions takes place on The Meadows in central Edinburgh on a Saturday morning.

We are a club for youth players in both Primary School and High School.  We complete in a variety of events including the Central Scotland Youth Shinty Association (CSYSA) league for Primary School aged players and in U14s tournaments organised by the Camanachd Association.   

Founded in 2009 with support from Comunn na Camanachd (the CA), and grant aid from Bòrd na Gàidhlig

Our Club has helped to showcase Shinty at the annual Meadows Festival and in 2019 ran the inaugural Hope Park Cup Under 14s sixes tournament. We have established a tradition of hosting an annual New Year shinty match for our local Shinty community on the Meadows.

The club’s motto is gramail is gaisgeil (determined and brave), and it is no coincidence that this and the club’s name are expressed in Gaelic.  It is the club’s policy to support and promote Gaelic, as an important part of Scotland’s heritage.   Our club activities are fully accessible to non-Gaelic speakers however many of our players attend Edinburgh’s Gaelic School and we compete in events delivered through Gaelic.

A strong tradition of shinty in Edinburgh goes back hundreds of years. We aim to reverse the decline seen during much of the twentieth century, building and strengthening a strong shinty community in our capital city from youth roots upwards. If you’re in Edinburgh, why not come and join us?


Our youth Teams are coached/managed by: Ian MacDonald, Euan Green, Louise Baggott and Nathan Whear.


Ian MacDonald, Club Secretary.

e-mail camanachd@duneideann.net

phone/text: 07729 307 487