Keith, last time we spoke was on the biggest day of your shinty career, the Tulloch Homes Camanachd Cup Final, before we talk about the MacTavish Cup Final I have to ask you to sum up how it felt to bag a hat-trick and take the trophy up west?  

I honestly can’t describe how amazing it was to take the trophy West. We all knew winning would be a big deal for our community, but I think the team were all overwhelmed by the volume of support and sheer delight it brought to so many. It was plain to see what it meant to everyone and as a team we thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations!  

Everybody involved with the club has worked so hard over the years, and we all know, winning the Camanachd Cup is the dream. To get a hat-trick in such a big game is something all forwards want to do, and I’m just happy I was able to contribute in a game where we all worked so hard for the full 90 mins.  

Looking ahead to today’s game then, would a win round off a perfect season for Shiel?  

It’s obviously been a challenging season for shinty, so it’s been great for Shiel to come back to it and have cup success. We haven’t won the MacTavish before and it would be a brilliant achievement to be able to bring that back to Dornie too, but Kingussie won’t make it easy for us, I’m sure.  

What do you think Kingussie’s strengths are – what do you make of them going into the match? 

Kingussie are strong all-round. Their defensive record is very good, they are full of energy in the centre and their forwards work well together and score plenty goals. If I had to pick one particular area of strength it would have to be their forward line. They are all capable of scoring and seem to all chip in regularly and that will make it difficult for our defence to handle, but I believe they are more than up to the task.  

Both sides have lost just one match so far this season, both losing against Lovat, something has to give today – could you think of a better way to bring the curtain down on 2021 than by having these two sides face each other?  

I think it’s a match the neutrals will love to see. From the beginning of the season, Kingussie have been billed as the team to beat this year. They are a young, fit and skilful side, any opposition seem to be written off before the game starts. I’m sure we will be seen as the underdogs again. Although, as we all know in Shinty, it’s whoever takes their chances on the day that will decide who wins.  

As we mentioned you bagged a hat-trick last final – more of the same today?  

Yes please, that’d be nice!! It’s always nice to score, but at the moment I would take a one nil win and an own goal. As long as we take the cup back west with us to celebrate with our supporters.  

Who is going to be the key player for Shiel today do you think? 

It’s a team game, and it’s going to take a huge team effort to get the win. At the moment, we’ve been playing good shinty as a team and that gives me confidence. But as I said, their forwards are scoring for fun so a big game from Josh and our defence will be key to us winning.