Rory, today the Artemis Macaulay Cup Champions take on the Tulloch Homes Camanachd Cup Champions in the MacTavish Cup Final to bring the 2021 cup season to a close, how are you feeling ahead of this huge fixture?  

I’m really looking forward to this one. We feel we really let ourselves down in the Scottish semi-final so we are looking to come back with a bang from that.  

Keith MacRae’s hat-trick in the Camanachd Final will go down in history as one of the great forward performances, how do you plan to keep him quiet today?  

Aye he had a great game that day and he’s been a top player for a long time now but our defence has been together a good few years and has been solid during that time. No matter who’s in front of us we try to play the same way, we don’t need to complicate things.  

Up the other end much has been made of Kingussie’s lethal strikeforce – including James Falconer who has 20 in 18 for the season – just how dangerous are Kingussie going forward?  

They’re an absolute nightmare. They’re fit, fast and they’ve all added goals to their game. The amount of work they do upfront is amazing to watch from the back, a lot of good defending from the front also. They know each other’s game’s inside out which goes a long way on a Saturday.  

Obviously you guys missed out on the Camanachd this year but you have already won the Macaulay and beat local rivals Newtonmore 4 times, would winning the MacTavish Cup crown a successful season for Kings?  

As I’ve already said we really let yourselves down in the Scottish, that was the one we were all desperate for. However, as a group we have yet to win the MacTavish and it would be one more cup than we managed in 2019, so it would still be a step in the right direction for us. The end goal is obviously for a grand slam. I’d say 2/3 cups and beating our local rivals 4 times would amount to a pretty successful year, especially for the age of the squad.  

Who do you think can be Kingussie’s key player today? 

Key player, Ruridh Anderson. He makes us tick. Even if he’s not chipping in with a goal he’s involved in everything else. Honourable mention to James Falconer though, he’s the man.  

How can Kinlochshiel hurt what has been an impressive Kingussie defence this campaign?  

Sheil’s forwards probably defend the best out of all the teams we have played. They won’t make it easy for us that’s for sure. We will have to work extra hard to get into space.