Graham Cormack, who has been the Camanachd Association National Development Manager for over 15 years retired today.

When anyone retires from an organisation it is sad to see them go, however, when the person in question has had the kind of impact on the organisation that Graham has had on the Camanachd Association it goes far deeper than that.

Joining the Camanachd Association in 2007 from a rugby background, Graham was focussed on ensuring that people had opportunities to perform to the highest level possible in shinty. This was beyond just players and included coaches, officials, volunteers etc.

Graham said: “The most rewarding aspect of the job is witnessing people demonstrating their commitment, techniques and skills while enjoying all the benefits of health and wellbeing.”

Throughout his time with the Association Graham has delivered a number of projects including making huge strides in equality, coaching and equipment provision. However, if we were to list Graham’s achievements at the Association this article would stretch beyond any reasonable word count, what we can say is that anyone who has worked with him will know the level of dedication he took to his job.

The projects are just a small part of what Graham brought to the Association, he line managed the Regional Development Team and was always available to provide guidance to anyone within clubs across the country.

Steven MacKenzie, Camanachd Association President said: “Graham has done much valuable working in improving our coaching pathway and aligning it with national standards. His legacy will live on with the Association as many of the standards and policies we have in place are Graham’s work. We wish him well for the future and hope he won’t be a stranger.”

The Camanachd Association would like to put on record once again its warmest of thanks for the years of service that Graham has provided our sport with and we wish him a very happy retirement.

Camanachd Association Chieftain John Mackenzie extended his thanks by saying

“It seems yesterday but yet a long time ago when we first met with your employment in support of the Camanachd Association.  Since the conclusion of my term of office and over the years, there has been huge change across the sport.  It Is fair to say you have been at the core and significantly involved in that change, all of which the game desired and indeed implemented as a matter of course. From experience, and on the periphery looking in, I know personally the amount work involved in all that goes on, especially with change, which is a huge challenge. However, yourself as a leader and indeed the team, have done a fine job in the process. I would like to congratulate you on the job done and extend personal appreciation for your support in both my own and indeed succeeding President’s terms of office.”