On 2nd December 2021 five volunteer coaches led the delivery of another evening of Shinty in Nairn for 43 young aspiring players. Supported by the Camanachd Association Development Officer, Iain Robinson and Highlife Highland Active Schools Coordinator, Andrea MacKenzie this new partnership approach is being delivered at Nairn Academy following a number of weeks in local primary schools.

The sessions are the product of an investment into the area to connect even more young people to Scotlands iconic community sport, shinty.  43 children taking part in the sessions (with a waiting list to join) is a great starting point and certainly speaks to the Camanachd Association vision of being a vibrant part of our national culture and recognising the continued importance of reaching out as Scotland’s community sport.

The Shinty sessions are being led by Volunteer coaches (Will, Lesley Anne, Michelle, Derek and Chloe) and yesterday focused on fun games and the core (and highly technical) skill of a shinty shy.

Organising these sessions relies on the good will of volunteers and the partnership work of Active Schools and the Camanachd Association as well as cooperation and support from the local schools. If you or anyone else is interested in getting involved in our work in Nairn or elsewhere please get in touch now with iain.robinson@shinty.com. Our thanks to everyone involved for the important role they play in providing this opportunity.