‘A historic moment’ were the words Dr Iain Morrison used to describe the first meeting in the partnership between the Camanachd Association and the University of Highlands and Islands on Wednesday 2nd February 2022. In his welcome to the attendees Dr Morrison shared his ‘delighted that we have reached this point’ in our partnership and declared a commitment to developing our partnership to add value to the University as well as the Camanachd Association, its staff and member clubs.

Attending the meeting included a wealth of experienced colleagues from UHI including David Jack (Caman Making Project Lead from UHI), Iain Cambail (UHI), Sorcha Kirker (UHI), Kevin Sinclair (Student Engagement Manager) and represenatives from the Camanachd Association including Steven MacKenzie (President, CA), Aarron Macleod (Marketing and Comms, CA) and Derek Keir (CEO, CA).

The purpose of this group is to facilitate close collaborative working and academic links across further and higher education and the sport of Shinty. This unique partnership compliments the unique geography that both organisations share and sets out a framework to compliment our respective priorities.

It is the intention of both parties to work positively and constructively together to encourage to development across a broad range of educational areas of mutual interest:

Theme 1

The exchange of ideas and expertise.

Theme 2

Provision of collaborative initiatives for students and staff at both organisations.

Theme 3

Coaching, Officiating and Volunteering opportunities for students and staff to gain practical experience.

Theme 4

Provision of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses by both parties for staff and students including connecting shinty to teacher-training.

Theme 5

Integrated planning in the future development of facilities.

Camanachd Association CEO

Derek Keir

‘Our first meeting was a real milestone for a number of priority areas vital for the future progression of shinty. The University has a wealth of expertise that can support our objectives and at the same time Shinty’s culture and heritage have a great deal to offer the students of UHI to connect to its indigenous community’.

UHI Dean of Students Iain Morrison took to Twitter saying: