Feet up for Norman Strachan 

The Camanachd Association’s stalwart volunteer Norman Strachan has announced that he is putting the lens cap on his camera that has been a regular fixture at hundreds of shinty matches over the past 13 seasons. 

Norman Strachan began volunteering with the Camanachd Association in 2010, with his inspiring game-day videos reaching hundreds of thousands of people all across the world.

On his retirement, Norman Strachan says: “Volunteering my weekends to shinty was borne from my love of the sport and filming – it was a great way to satisfy both keen interests and I have thoroughly enjoyed a very positive relationship with the Camanachd Association and all clubs over the past 13 years. My decision to step away from live coverage of shinty is about recognising the length of time I have been involved in the sport and looking forward to having my Saturdays and Sundays back. I have been covering shinty since 2010 and this year alone I have covered over 40 matches.”

Two years ago Norman retired from his professional film career in television and was on the verge of retiring from his shinty commitments when an agreement was reached with the Camanachd Association to continue his involvement and incredible contribution to the game.

Camanachd Association CEO, Derek Keir says: “Normans skillset, developed through a career in television has been shared with shinty over the past 13 years. This is not a skillset that anyone can replicate or replace over night due to the time on task and experience Norman has attained covering shinty over the years. The skill and equipment required to cover shinty like Norman does is years in the making and something shinty has very much benefited from.”

The fact that Norman’s part-time and volunteer position looked to many like a fulltime, resourced post is a testament to the professionalism of Norman’s approach, adds Keir.

“Norman approached the association two years ago when he retired from TV with a similar plan to retire from his contribution in shinty and we did everything we could to maximise Norman’s continued involvement, recognising how important his contribution was for the sport. Norman has exceeded all expectations and deserves enormous credit for the contribution he has and continues to make to shinty. His decision to step back is one we respect but without doubt one that the entire shinty community will feel.”

The Camanachd Association will continue to work closely with partners, and with Norman’s guidance, to explore new opportunities that may be available to help profile the sport moving forward.

The Camanachd Association would like to place on record its deepest thanks to Norman for his valuable contribution to the game of shinty.

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Kinlochshiel v Newtonmore in the opening fixture of the MOWI Premiership 2022. Game played at Rearaig, Balmacara.