Congratulations to Fort William Shinty Club who have won the MOWI Innovation Award for 2021 for their Street League Shinty project.

Fort William Shinty Club were the first shinty club to be awarded DCI Funding from Sportscotland. When Willie MacDonald took up the position of Part Time Development Officer, one of the objectives was to increase the number of youngsters taking up shinty. Initially he engaged with the local schools in the catchment area. He was keen that the impetus which had been built up was not lost and he set up the “Street League Shinty” on the new Training Field at An Aird. The success of this was overwhelming and over the school Summer Holidays nearly 100 youngsters engaged with the Street League shinty. The majority of the participants were new to the sport. A couple of additional sessions took place under the floodlights in the October holidays.

See below – Fort William President, James Tangney and Willie ‘Can’ MacDonald are presented with the award by Jayne MacKay from sponsors MOWI at the National First Shinty Festival Finals.