As part of our series focusing in on the women and girls who are bossing it in shinty, we caught up with Uddingston’s Alison MacVicar.


Full centre but I’ve played half back and half forward at times this season.


PE Teacher

Alison, can you tell us a little bit about your journey through shinty to where you are just now, how did you get involved?

My Dad had my brother Daniel and I swinging a caman before we could walk! He ran St Columbas Shinty team so we were immersed in the sport from a young age. It had it’s perquisites and downfalls being coached by your Dad. If anything he was harder on his own children and there’s nothing like being subbed off then having to eat steak pie that night swallowing your pride!

I now play for Uddingston based on the location I now stay in. Eilidh Barclay got me involved when I met her at a CPD event for PE teaching. She told me she played Shinty and I couldn’t believe it was being played in this neck of the woods. Lee Thompson has done a tremendous job. I played for Lochaber in years gone by and I loved every minute and the girls involved.

Uddingston are a relatively new club compared to the others in the division, what is the setup like at the club with training, games etc?

There has probably been too many gaps between games this season to really get into the swing of it. Nonetheless it has been enjoyable and been a great opportunity to get me back playing. The girls are so welcoming and friendly. They’re a lot younger than this old codger now but it is nice to have a different role now even if it takes me twice as long to recover from games (remind me why the oldest player is playing full centre Lee?).

We train on a Wednesday and Lee always makes it worthwhile and effective.

The team are doing immensely well and have only got stronger over the course of the season.

On a personal note, 2nd top scorer in MOWI WCA South 2, and even more impressively, you’ve scored in every game this season, you must be enjoying your shinty at the moment?

I have found my love for this sport again and that is testament to the girls and Lee. It has been exactly what I’ve needed after a good while away from the sport. Fairly chuffed with 2nd top goal scorer and not too bad considering I’ve only played forward once this season. My Dad would say there is still plenty room for improvement mind you!

It’s not impossible to reel in Dunadd but you will have to avoid defeat this weekend, and ideally win, to have any chance, what have you made of them in your previous game this year?

Dunadd are a consistent and hard working side. They don’t make it an easy task for any team to beat them. They are beatable though. We proved our threat when we played them for the first time this season in the Cup. They are strong but so are we. With a full Uddy team it will be a very entertaining and close game to watch. We are a fit side and if we can take our chances, we have a very good chance of winning. I’m hotly anticipating the game. Mon the Uddy Massive!