The Camanachd Association board have this week approved a new range of helmets compliant with current rules for use in shinty. A link to the helmets tested is below and this includes an exciting new helmet with faceguard and a clear visor product from one of the worlds largest helmet providers, Bauer. Mycro helmets continue to be approved and play a crucial role in our sport where the Camanachd Associaiton board are working with member clubs to propose changes to the rules on helmets moving forward.


The Bauer IMS 5.0 was tested with faceguard and face visor alongside the current Mycro Helmet and faceguard. The three helmet models (1x Mycro, 2x Bauer) were subjected to three tests intended to assess suitability for use in Shinty; free-fall impact, projectile impact and stick penetration. Resultant headform acceleration was measured by an accelerometer positioned at the centre of mass and helmets were visually inspected. All helmets were found to be effective in reducing resultant linear acceleration of the headform compared to the baseline, with some producing a greater reduction than others. Visual inspection suggested that all helmets were effective in preventing unwanted contact with the face or head during impacts.

Helmet Testing Report – OCT22

Camanachd Association National Development Manager Ronald Ross said “The new range offers traditional feel and a modern look players will love with the protection the game demands. The IMS 5.0 helmet offers the two-piece shell construction with tool-less adjustment, plus increased airflow through the multiple vents but vitally provides an increased range of helmets for players to choose from thereby enhancing player safety, mitigating some risk and helping the development of our sport”