On July 19th William and Lorraine Wallace were on their way home from holiday and called at Inverawe Fisheries for a spot of fishing and to get some breakfast. Whilst fishing, 69 Year old William, who had no prior health problems, suffered a major heart attack.
Charlene Servant, manager of the cafe at Inverawe said: “ Very luckily a family out on fishing lessons with us consisted of a doctor, a retired doctor and a nurse, without whom things would have been very different, I believe.” Remembering that there was a defibrillator located at the Sports Pavilion, Charlene asked Patrick Campbell-Preston to fetch it, while she telephoned for the ambulance. The defibrillator was used to shock William and he received CPR from the doctor and paramedics before being transferred, by helicopter to the Golden Jubilee Hospital where multiple stents were fitted. He is now home with his family and recovering well.
We send William and his family our very best wishes.

Graham Cormack, Camanachd Assocaition National Development Manager, delivered the training and said: “When we do training we always wonder if the machine and the training will make a significant difference – of course we hope that it never has to be used but the important thing is that it works if and when it is required. I wish Mr Wallace a speedy recovery.”
The family gave permission for us to publish this story which serves to remind us how important this small piece of life-saving equipment is. The defibrillator situated at the front of pavilion was partly funded by a scheme run by the Camanachd Association, named Lucky2Bhere. The Community Council, Sports Council and Golf Club also contributed to-wards the cost.

(Report courtesy of What’s the Craic Taynuilt)