The Camanachd Association was delighted to bring together 43 girls aged 13-17 at Braeview Park yesterday afternoon for a pre-camp meeting ahead of the USA Girls Performance Camp – supported by Inverness & Cromarty Firth Green Freeport. The five schools in question are:

  • Ardnamurchan High
  • Kingussie High
  • Kilchuimen Academy
  • Inverness Royal Academy
  • Portree High

The camp is set to take place at Lawrenceville School near New York and will span seven days, providing high-quality shinty coaching. Participants will enhance their understanding of fitness, technique development, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and emotional development. In addition to the athletic focus, the camp will offer a rich cultural experience for all attendees.

The players will leave Scotland on the 24th of June and will return on 2nd July.

Calum MacPherson, Chief Executive of Inverness and Cromarty Firth Green Freeport (ICFGF) said: “Young people currently growing up in the Highlands will play a critical part in the future energy economy of the region.

“As this fantastic initiative shows, there are no barriers to what this up-coming generation can achieve, given the right opportunities. These young people will be tomorrow’s leaders on and off the field.

“ICFGF is delighted to be supporting a scheme helping to create an equal playing field for young women in sports.

“We believe the benefits of Green Freeport Status can create a wealth of new opportunities that will enhance the lives of young people in the Highlands and beyond.”