2021 Dr Johnnie Cattanach memorial lecture to be postponed.

This year’s annual Dr Johnnie Cattanach Memorial talk, which was to being held on Friday 10th December in Newtonmore Village Hall in aid of Badenoch Shinty Memories Group is being postponed until the New Year.
Delivery of the talks has been interrupted in recent times by COVID-19 but oit was hoped that the annual event could be re-started with Shelagh Macpherson Noble, daughter of one of the eponymous John Macpherson’s sons Alan Macpherson, delivering the talk.
Local circumstances, and principally concern about the spread of COVID-19, has led to organisers calling the event off until a later date.
Hugh Dan MacLennan, who was to deliver an introductory tribute to Dr Johnnie Cattanach said: “These are trying time for so many people in the Badenoch area and in recent weeks the situation has become a concern for anyone planning public events. In the circumstances, we have decided that it is in everyone’s interests to re-schedule the event to a later date in 2021 when, hopefully, many more people will be comfortable about coming out to listen to the presentations and to see the Macpherson memorabilia which we propose to bring as a display. We apologise for any inconvenience which this may cause, but we are sure that people will be understanding of our position. Our thoughts are obviously with all the families within the shinty community and beyond who are having such a difficult time.”

Details of the re-scheduled date and venue will be issued in due course.