Congratulations to Glengarry Shinty Club, the latest recipient of the SIlver ClubMark Award

Congratulations to Glengarry Shinty Club who have achiveed the Silver level of the Camanachd Association’s ClubMark scheme.

Elaine Cameron of Glengarry said:

“Glengarry Shinty Club where delighted to complete the Silver level Camanachd Association’s club accreditation scheme.  The Club Accreditation Scheme is a great opportunity for clubs to essentially audit their internal processes and operations and identify where improvements or change is required to the betterment of the Club.

Over lockdown the club worked hard behind the scenes to ensure the club ticked over and is in a good place to return to shinty in 2021 all going to plan.  As with many other clubs, we also took the opportunity to undertake some facility maintenance and thanks is given to our tireless volunteers who gave their time.

We continue to put Youth Development to the forefront of our plans and our Child protection team worked to build on our already well developed child protection network, gaining valuable insight and guidance from parties out with shinty.  We also must thank the Glengarry Trust who awarded us a grant to ensure that the clubs costs were covered during those very uncertain times, whilst we had no income, the bills kept coming, so we are grateful for the support.

The break from shinty has renewed our desire for the sport and we cannot wait to restart in 2021”

Once again, we would like to offer our congratulations to Glengarry on this impressive feat