Q1: Our ground is not a public park – can we have spectators?

A:  Yes. However, you must follow Scottish Government (COVID-19): events sector guidance and (COVID-19): calculating physical distancing capacity in public settings. The Development Team will help you with any questions.


Q2: So is this the exact same as before?

A: No, the social distancing rules have changed so now there only needs to be 1m between each group of up to 15.


Q3: Do each group of 15 need to physically distance?

A: This is not a requirement, but if possible it is always safest to physically distance.


Fantastic, I will get in touch with the Development Team to get my event sector guidance signed off!


Q4: Our ground is a public park can we have spectators?

A: Yes, you can have spectators but it is your responsibility to make sure that mitigations are in place to stop the spread of COVID. Examples could include, sanitation stations, ensuring that no more than 15 people are grouped together etc.


Q5: That sounds great, can we charge entrance fees then?

A: If you are charging a set fee, you must follow the same rules as an enclosed ground – see Q1 & events sector guidance. The Development Team will support you with this.


Q6: Okay, what about collections then?

A: You may accept donations but you have to ensure the appropriate approval and licences are in place if and where appropriate.


Q7: So, if we aren’t a public park, can we simply not charge and have spectators?

A: No. You have a responsibility over your ground to ensure that it is a safe environment. As the venue can be enclosed, you have a responsibility to complete Events Sector guidance if you wish to have spectators. The match is classed as an event.

Q8: Okay no problem, but I am worried I might need some support…

A: The Camanachd Association Development Team are here to support you with these developments.

National Development Manager   E: graham.cormack@shinty.com   T: 07894588538

Regional Development Manager (East) & Child Wellbeing & Protection Officer   E: ronald.ross@shinty.com   T: 07718630563

Regional Development Officer (North)  E: katie.drain@shinty.com  T: 07834522260

Regional Development Officer (Central)  E: paul.macarthur@shinty.com   T: 07921210179

Operations Manager/Regional Development Officer (West)  : E: astie.cameron@shinty.com T: 07912731295


Q9: Can we use our changing rooms?

A: Access to, and use, of changing rooms and showering facilities is permitted if appropriate risk assessment and hygiene measures have been put in place. However, the safety of participants is the priority and facility operators should consider whether use of the area is necessary.


Q10: When do I need to self-isolate?

A: NHS Test and Protect will contact you if you have been a “close contact”.


Q11: What is a close contact?

A: (From NHS.co.uk) Examples of close contact include:

Close face to face contact (under 1 metre) for any length of time – including talking to them or coughing on them.

Being within 1 to 2 metres of each other for more than 15 minutes – including travelling in a small vehicle.

Spending lots of time in your home, including cleaning it.

NHS Test and Protect will contact you if you have been a “close contact”.


Q12: Has communal travel been loosened?

A: You should avoid car sharing with anyone from another household unless you deem it to be necessary. If individuals or groups do car share, then they should follow Transport Scotland: advice on how to travel safely and put in place appropriate risk assessment and mitigations.