Atlantic Blue, the new instrumental album by Graham Bell, with 12 tracks of original music, is released today as a fundraiser for Lovat Shinty Club’s Memories project. Hard copies (CDs) or downloads only, as streaming makes next to nothing and we want to make as much as we can for the project.  One of the tracks is in  memory of Maryann Henton, Lovat ‘s late treasurer and legend of the shinty world. You can get a taste of the music on the link below. The CD is £10 + £2 postage. How to get your copy –

BY POST – (£12)

pay by bank transfer.

Account Lovat Shinty Club;   sort code 80-05-61;            Account no. 00412815

then email as follows –

Subject  – CD HARD COPY

Your name and address in the body of the email



pay by bank transfer as above

email as follows –

Subject  – CD DOWNLOAD

Your name in the body of the email



pay at the counter and take it away!


Listen here to the title track and Lovat’s Maryann

Lovat’s  Memories Project aims to provide, in the new pavilion, an informal, welcoming social experience for older members of the community, including those who may be socially isolated, in a cafe style environment.  Here they can meet with others, share memories or just have a chat over a cuppa. The extensive display of archive photos and materials in the pavilion will hopefully generate many talking points and  archive video material will be available to view on the large screen TV, not just of shinty games but pretty much anything that may be of interest on You Tube.  This project has been set up under the auspices of Shinty Memories Scotland. Your support is much appreciated.