The Women’s Shinty season throws up for the first time this weekend. As such, this week’s MOWI Game of the Week is Inverness vs Lovat which is due to take place on Sunday. We spoke to Lovat star Laura Gallacher ahead of this exciting fixture.

How does it feel being back training and playing shinty again after such a long break? 

It feels great to be back playing, it’s good to be getting out of the house and meeting up with the team after so long of not been able to do so. It’s great to swing a stick again and to be back at training trying to up our fitness levels.

What are Lovat’s goals for the season? 

As a team I think this year we are looking to fulfill all of our fixtures and aim to finish high in the league. Just to get back playing shinty will be great and I’m sure everyone in the team will want to give it their all.

On a personal level, you were in amazing form in 2019 – can you continue that into 2021 and have you set yourself any personal targets this year? 

Thanks, for sure I am hoping that I continue where I left off, but having so much time off I’m feeling a bit rusty so far. Like I said previously it’s good to be back training so hopefully I will get my fitness to where I want it and pick up where I left off.

I haven’t set myself any targets as such I just aim for me and the team to do well. We have a good range of experienced players in the team this year and also a few of the younger girls who are showing to be very strong.

Does your resounding victory in the 2019 WCA MOWI Challenge Cup Final give you guys a lot of confidence going into this weekend’s season opener?

I think with having so much time off and having no games it’s hard to judge as they will be up for it just as much as us. We don’t know how Inverness have been training. With the team we have I feel confident that we will perform well on the day. It’s good to be back playing shinty and everyone is looking forward to it.