Scotland’s journey to Newry for the highly anticipated Mowi Shinty Hurling International culminated in a compelling match, ending in Ireland’s triumph by 22-14. The game, marked by intense sportsmanship and fervent energy, showcased the unwavering dedication and skill of both teams, leaving an indelible mark on the sporting landscape.

Amidst the fervor, heartfelt appreciation is extended to the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) for working hand in hand with the CA and for their meticulous planning and seamless execution of the fixture, underscoring their commitment to promoting the spirit of international sportsmanship. Additionally, the Down County Board’s warm hospitality and exceptional arrangements significantly contributed to the smooth execution of the event, fostering a congenial atmosphere for players and spectators alike.

Furthermore, the support and hospitality provided by the staff at the Canal Court Hotel added an element of comfort and ease to the players’ stay, contributing to the overall success of the trip. As the teams depart, the mutual respect and camaraderie fostered through this spirited encounter are sure to endure, leaving a lasting impression on both the players and the spectators alike.

Full scoring:

Ireland 0-22 (22) Scotland 2-8 (14)

Points: Kevin Bartlett (3); Iain Robinson (1); Scott MacDonald (1); Steven MacDonald(3)

Goals: Kevin Bartlett (1); Ruaridh Anderson (1)

The Scotland man of the match award was given to Newtonmore’s Steven MacDonald for a fine performance in the center of the park, spreading the ball beautifully out wide.